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Live music and storytelling is at the heart of every successful blues education program. But sometimes it’s impossible to tell kids everything you want them to know about the blues in just a hour or two. The Blues comic book is your ultimate leave-behind. It’s a compelling tool that gets kids reading and learning on their own. And it’s something they’ll keep around for a long time.

Schools and Sponsors

Love It, Too.

Principals, administrators, and teachers love this comic book! It adds credibility to your program and supports their decision to use classroom time for blues and music education (sometimes a hard sell!). Plus, sponsors love to see their logos and information in such a high-quality book.

What Kids Learn:

Reading. Nothing gets them reading more than a comic book.

Geography. From Africa to the Delta to Chicago.

• History. Slavery, juke joints, sharecropping, the great migration, blues instruments, famous musicians, and the birth of rock ‘n’ roll!

• Songwriting. Song structure and content ideas to get kids writing.

• Where to Find Local Blues.

• How to Make Their Own Instruments and Music.

Comic Books and Learning, Together at Last!