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Bulk Ordering

  1. 1.Decide how many comic books you need. If you know how many you’ll use for a particular school year, semester, or large program, it makes sense to order them all at the same time, as you can get great price breaks in higher volumes.

  2. 2.Gather the info you need to personalize your comic book. We can personalize the inside back cover and the back cover. The inside back cover features blues resources in your area. See an example here of the Blues Resources Page. The back cover can feature your organization logo and contact info, about 75 words about your organization or program, and sponsor logos. Logos should be high-resolution PDF images. Here’s an example of a Sponsors Page.

  3. 3.Let us know the quantity and shipping address. We’ll send you a final cost, which you can pay using the PayPal button to the right or with a check from your organization.

  4. 4.Once we receive payment and your personalized info, we will customize your order and send you a proof to approve. Allow up to 3-4 weeks from the time you approve the proof to the time you get your finished order.

Bulk Pricing

Minimum order is 500. As a gauge, The Rainy Day Blues Society uses approximately 2,500 each school year. Even their first year, they went through 750, so plan ahead. Getting a few good sponsors can pay for the entire order. We do ship outside the U.S. and can estimate the price for you when you are ready.

Quantity        Price        Per Comic Book       Approximate U.S. Shipping    

                             (approx.)                   Ground           

500             1043            2.09                     33.00           

1,000           1168            1.17                     62.00           

2,500           1601            .65                      150.00           

5,000           2329            .46                      297.00          

10,000          3750            .37                      542.00          


We accept credit cards through PayPal and Square, as well as checks from your organization and international money orders, made payable to:

Josh Coen

1797 Sweetbriar Lane

Eugene, Oregon 97405      

Are you a retailer?

Please e-mail for pricing.